Following are just some of the sites I have worked on. Some of them are also hosted by me.

  • Cambridge Park Anglican Church

    A simple church web site, including weekly sermon downloads.

  • Our Homeschool Journal

    A personal project, Our Homeschool Journal is a blog-style site specifically designed for homeschooling parents to use for recording and tracking their children's learning experiences.

  • World Manager

    World Manager is a SaaS communications platform, used by many leading brands for online training, HR and Operations management. For almost 3 years I worked full time on the World Manager product in various capacities, including building several new tools and reworking several existing tools.

  • PC Tools Limited

    I was employed full time for 5 years by PC Tools as a web developer, working extensively on both their public web sites and the company intranet.

For more information on any of these sites, or what I can do for your company, please feel free to contact me.