Support Policy

Mark Parnell provides free support directly related to our hosting servers and the server software we use to the primary account holder only. The primary account holder is required to login to our help desk to receive technical support. Our free support does not cover issues with web site design, debugging scripts or web site issues or anything not directly related to your hosting account.

Our support team is always pleased to assist with support that is not directly related to the hosting server(s) and/or software, however we reserve the right to charge a fee for items that are classified as 'Extended support' and are not part of our standard support.

Free Support Services include:

  • Assistance with basic operation of your hosting control panel.

  • Information regarding the required paths or availability of services to run applications or scripting you wish to install.

  • Server based problems or errors with server services: FTP, Telnet, HTTP, SMTP, POP, MySQL, MS SQL, etc.

  • Modification of your domain name DNS (name server) settings.

  • Installation assistance with included Fantastico and Application vault applications. This does not include setting up, configuration, customisation and ongoing use of the application. Please see the software creator's web site for support resources.

Extended Support Services include:

  • Third party applications or scripting not provided as a part of your hosting services (i.e. installed by you or your representative or included third party application with your hosting that has not been designed by Mark Parnell).

  • Setup or configuration of services not provided as a part of your web hosting.

  • Setup or configuration of modules/components not currently operational or modification of existing modules/components on Mark Parnell's servers.

  • Training in use of your hosting control panel, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, Dreamweaver, FTP program, Email program, FrontPage, Fantastico & Application Vault installed applications, Site Studio, OS Commerce or other applications.

  • Setup and configuration of mailling lists and autoresponders for your use.

  • Transfer of your web site files, databases, etc from other servers to ours, or from our server to another server.

  • cPanel site to site transfers. If your current site is hosted on a cPanel server, we can transfer all files including databases, settings, webmail, etc. It will be an exact copy.

  • Uploading your web site. Modification to your existing web site, scripts, forms, applications, etc.

  • Installation, maintenance, editing, resolving issues and upgrades of your installed scripts, web site, applications, etc.

  • Software or hardware issues on your computer.

  • Retrieval/restoration of a backup from our archives.

  • Trouble shooting problems or conflicts with your ISP (connection) services and setup.

  • Trouble shooting problems or errors with your web site not related to server performance.

  • Repeated assistance in setup of your email application.

  • Repeated assistance with the same issue once initially resolved or task completed.

  • Trouble shooting problems not directly related to your current products/services with Mark Parnell.

  • Installation of an SSL certificate not purchased through Mark Parnell. Please contact us for pricing.

Support Tickets

Support Tickets are the official method of communication with Mark Parnell. A support ticket is similar to email communication, except it is tracked and can be accessed by multiple staff members. We require that submit a support ticket if you require assistance from Mark Parnell for technical support and/or account related queries, as this allows your query to be tracked and documented.

Support tickets that require server modifications, extensive work to be performed, further testing/research to be performed will be scheduled for resolution at off-peak times, usually on the weekend, depending on our support team's workload and the type of work required.

We do not guarantee response times or resolution times on support tickets to any department. Technical support is provided as a free service. Increased response and resolution delays may be experienced in times of increased workload, peak times, server wide issues, or where your ticket requires escalation/clarification to/from other departments.

Accounts queries/requests must be submitted in writing by a support ticket, as we require a written record.

Emergency Support

Our servers are constantly monitored by our upstream provider to ensure that they are running normally and their connection to the internet is being maintained. If a server or services become unavailable or lose connectivity to the internet, they are immediately paged and are usually working on a solution before users are even aware of a problem.

Updates to Support Policy

We may update this support policy from time to time without notice to you. Please check our web site for the most current version of the support policy. The newest version of the support policy takes effect immediately.